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The time in the program corresponds to Tashkent local (UT+5) time.
Tashkent time is 4h ahead of CET and 3h behind of Beijing time.
Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, India times are more-less fit with Tashkent time.
Time indicated in the Program is given in Tashkent time.
We suggest to have the meeting time from 10 am till 5 pm with one hour LUNCH break between 1-2 pm (Tashkent time).
All presentations will be recorded (with permissions of authors) and uploaded on the meeting web-site (
6th Maidanak Users Meeting
Start Date: Nov 1, 2021 Start Time: 10:00 am (UT+5)
Last Day: Nov 3, 2021 Next MUM-7: to be decided

Agenda Item Schedule Time Speaker
Nov 1. Opening session
Wake up participants, connection check, registration, greetings 9:00 am 60  
Opening of the meeting 10:00 am 15 Sh. Ehgamberdiev,
director of UBAI
Welcome address from Uzbekistan Academy of Sciences 10:15 am 15 B. Yuldashev,
President of UzAS
Session 1: Current status of the Maidanak observatory and logistics
Chairman: Sh. Ehgamberdiev (UBAI, Uzbekistan)
Astronomy in Uzbekistan: general overview 10:30 am 30 Sh. Ehgamberdiev,
(UBAI, Uzbekistan)
Maidanak observatory: telescopes, equipment and their condition 11:00 am 30 O. Burkhanov
(UBAI, Uzbekistan)
Status of the Internet and LAN at Maidanak observatory 11:30 am 30 Y. Tillayev
(UBAI, Uzbekistan)
Coffee break 12:00 pm 30  
Session 2: Current projects and scientific output
Chairman: D. Bisikalo (INASAN, Russia)
Lunch 1:00 pm 60  
Observations of gravitational lenses at high quality conditions of the Maidanak observatory 2:00 pm 20 I. Asfandiyarov
(UBAI, Uzbekistan)
Preliminary light curves of double GLQ SDSSJ2124+1632 and SDSSJ0806+2006 2:20 pm 20 T. Akhunov
(National University of Uzbekistan)
Chairman: A. Serebryanskiy (FAI, Kazakhstan)
Astrophysical Observable Properties of Black Holes and Neutron Stars 2:40 pm 20 B. Ahmedov
(UBAI, Uzbekistan)
Monitoring of SN explosions at Maidanak observatory 3:00 pm 20 D. Mirzaqulov
(UBAI, Uzbekistan)
Observation with Astrotel – telescope 3:20 pm 20 R. Karimov
(UBAI, Uzbekistan)
Coffee break 3:40 pm 20  
Chairman: Y. Tillayev (UBAI, Uzbekistan)
Application of wavelet analysis for long-term variation search 4:00 pm 20 Y. Minenko
(UBAI, Uzbekistan)
Machine Learning Techniques for Light Curves Analysis. Variable stars 4:20 pm 20 A. Halikova
(UBAI, Uzbekistan)
Uzbek−Chinese cooperation on UBAI photographic archive digitization 4:40 pm 20 Q. Yuldoshev
(UBAI, Uzbekistan)

Agenda Item Schedule Time Speaker
Nov 2. Second day
Session 2: Current projects and scientific output (Cont.)
Chairman: Myungshin Im (SNU, South Korea)
15 years of SNUCAM at Maidanak 10:00 am 30 Myungshin Im
(Seoul National University, South Korea)
Observational studies of SN 2017ein and a peculiar transient AT2018cow 10:30 am 20 Danfeng Xiang
(Tsing Hua university, China)
Constraints on the Progenitor System of a Type Ia SN 2019ein from the Early Light Curve 10:50 am 20 Gu Lim
(Seoul National University, South Korea)
Maidanak observatory for observations of astrophysical transients 11:10 am 30 Alexei Pozanenko
(Space Research Institute (IKI), Russia)
Coffee break 11:40 am 20  
Chairman: A. Pozanenko (IKI, Russia)
GRB 201015A: from seconds to months optical monitoring and supernova discovery 12:00 pm 20 Sergey Belkin
(IKI, Russia)
Recent peculiar GRB-related counterparts observed with AZT-22 at Maidanak 12:20 pm 20 Alina Volnova
(IKI, Russia)
Site testing at MAO: recent results 12:40 pm 20 Y. Tillayev
(UBAI, Uzbekistan)
Lunch 1:00 pm 60  
Chairman: O. Serhyeyev (Nice Observatory, France)
Comparison between the Maidanak Observatory observations and the reference azimuthal offsets in “star cluster - H II region” pairs in NGC 628 from the Hubble Space Telescope observations 2:00 pm 30 F. Sakhibov / A.Gusev
(University of Applied Sciences of Mittelhessen, Friedberg, Germany / SAI, Russia)
GRANDMA and Maidanak: towards O4 LIGO/Virgo observing run 2:30 pm 20 Sarah Antier
(Artemis, France)
Cosmography with time delays in lensed quasars 2:50 pm 20 Frédéric Courbin
(EPFL, Switzerland)
Energy spectra of atmospheric turbulence for Maidanak observatory 3:10 pm 30 A. Shikhovtsev
(INASAN, Russia)
Coffee break 3:40 pm 20  
Chairman: A. Hojaev (UBAI, Uzbekistan)
Variables in Clusters and Beyond 4:00 pm 20 A. Hojaev
(UBAI, Uzbekistan)
Solar cycle variation of coronal mass ejections and their impact on space weather 4:20 pm 20 Z. Mirtoshev
(Samarkand State University, Uzbekistan)
Orbital inclination changes of eclipsing binaries (Nodal motion) 4:40 pm 20 A. Matekov
(UBAI, Uzbekistan)

Agenda Item Schedule Time Speaker
Nov 3. Third day
Session 3: Future prospects
Chairman: Takashi Ito (NAOJ, Japan)
On collaboration between UBAI and FAI: instrumentation development, installation and upgrade in Maidanak 10:00 am 20 A.Serebryanskiy
(Fesenkov Astrophysical Institute, Kazakhstan)
Practical use and capabilities of the AZT-20 telescope of Assy-Turgen observatory 10:20 am 20 Vitaliy Kim
(HSE, FAI, Russia)
Building an Affordable 4m Class Optical Telescope 10:40 am 30 Padmakar Parihar
(Indian Institute of Astrophysics, India)
Coffee break 11:10 am 20  
Chairman: Zhou Fan (NAOC, China)
Exoasteroid impact flares: past and future optical observations at Maidanak 11:30 pm 30 M. Ibragimov
(INASAN, Russia)
INASAN's experience to build 1 m wide field telescopes. A proposal to build 1 m telescope with field of view of 12 square degrees and 9×9 k CMOS detector for Maidanak observatory 12:00 pm 30 Andrey Shugarov
(INASAN, Russia)
A new plate digitizer with air bearing platform 12:30 pm 30 TANG Zheng-Hong
(Shanghai Astronomical Observatory, China)
Lunch 1:00 pm 60  
Chairman: Sh. Kholikov (NSO, USA)
The Whole Earth Blazar Telescope (WEBT) 2:00 pm 30 C.M. Raiteri
(INAF-Osservatorio Astrofisico di Torino, Italy)
Asteroids study with Maidanak observatory 2:30 pm 30 P. Pravec
(Ondrejov, Czech Republic)
Maidanak participation to SVOM project 3:00 pm 20 Bertrand Cordier
(IAP, France)
Observation of Space Debris at Kitab observatory 3:20 pm 20 V. Agapov
(Astronomical Research Center, Russia)
A potential tool for stellar activity analysis 3:40 pm 20 N. Berdalieva
(UBAI, Uzbekistan)
Closing the meeting, general discussion
Maidanak Users Meeting,